RIP Flash (4 min Read)

RIP Flash

RIP Flash (4 min Read)

Recently I read that Flash will no longer be supported by Google Search. I didn’t think much of the news, no biggie. I think we all knew that it was coming.

What is Flash?

Flash is a program that enabled designers/developers to create interactive web pages, games, 3D content along with video and audio capabilities. It was the precursor to HTML5. Adobe announced support for Flash will cease after 2020. Across all web browsers, Flash will no longer be included, and users will not be able to run Flash at all.

Google Search will now ignore content that is created in Flash and put a stop to indexing standalone SWF sites. If you happen to have some glorious Flash content associated with your website, it might be time to step out of the Flash ages!

My experience with Flash

Looking back and thinking a little more deeply about it, I realised I’ve been messing about in creative software for over 20 years. Holy cow! I can say that I have seen some big players come and go over my time. Technology and the applications we use to control it, moves so fast, almost as quick as a flash (ba-dum ching)

I started off using QuarkXPress in the 90s. (anyone remember the command to make the little alien delete an item?) Quark was all powerful in the publishing/printing industry, we learnt our trades using it. Tt was expensive, and it dominated the landscape. At the same time, we used other creative software such as Adobe PageMaker (ragemaker) and one of my favourites, FreeHand by Macromedia.

Quarkxpress Alien Easter Egg

More Creative Software

Along came InDesign and if I’m not mistaken Adobe dubbed it the Quark Killer and they were right. Illustrator became the FreeHand Killer, very quickly users started to switch over to InDesign, Illustrator and of course Photoshop. Everything got gobbled up by Adobe.

However, Quark is still going; I’ve not seen a quark file for over 10 years though! Adobe purchased Macromedia and took over Flash

It was through the Macromedia package that I was first able to dabble with Flash. Truly it was a great little program, making animation accessible to so many more people. I loved creating my first little animated sequences in Flash! It severed us so well. Vale Flash

The Adobe Suite

We now have a giant in Adobe, the creative suite package is brilliant, I love the range of software that I have access to and the things we can do with it.

It is interesting to look back and see how things unfold. Things move in cycles. You would have to assume that there is an Adobe killer lurking somewhere. Maybe it’s already out there! Could the horror of Canva take down Photoshop – surely not!