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We're the LinkedIn ads specialists .

LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B leads generated through social media. Key B2B interactions and relationship building starts with LinkedIn.

The golden nugget that LinkedIn holds in its hand is that decision makers and executives are on the site to find content that can provide an opportunity or change the way they do business. There are no quizzes, memes or baby photos to sort through here.

Grow your business/brand with paid LinkedIn Ads designed to maximise your performance.

We specialise in sponsored InMail advertisements, sponsored Text ads, sponsored InContent ads, Lead Generation Forms, and Remarketing.

Make your mark on the most Important B2B platform!

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LinkedIn Ads FAQ

LinkedIn Ads FAQ

LinkedIn Ads FAQ

  • 1. Please tell me more about LinkedIn Marketing...
    It can be hard enough managing and regularly updating a Facebook business profile, let alone taking care of Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn account as well.

    At Digital Marketing Adelaide, we’ll conduct an audit of your LinkedIn business profile, refreshing your page and setting the foundations for you to grow your network. We’ll teach you what the best practices are moving forwards and how you can add real value to your business through LinkedIn.

    Things like taking part in groups, custom URLs and building relationships through connections are just some of the best practices that the Digital Marketing Adelaide team can help you take advantage of.

    We also have a dedicated team specialising in advertising on LinkedIn. We have a comprehensive understanding of which aspects of LinkedIn advertising is worth your money, and which parts aren’t worth your time.

    Sponsored content can be tricky to navigate, but with our help you’ll be able to effectively advertise to your target audience and drive awareness for your brand without blowing your budget.

    We can also generate leads through LinkedIn, whether you’re looking for job candidates, more work, or something in between.

    The Digital Marketing Adelaide team can send personalised ads directly to the inbox of each LinkedIn user that your business is advertising to.

    Through all of this, our team will be utilising our years of experience to give the best bang for your buck on LinkedIn.

    Decisions like choosing between ‘pay-per-click’ or ‘pay-per-1,000 impressions’ will change how successful your advertising is. By working with the experienced team at Digital Marketing Adelaide you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’re spending your money the right way.

    Want to learn more? Book in for a free initial consultation. 
  • 2. Are LinkedIn leads high quality?
    The business mindset of the professionals that use LinkedIn is highly sought after and harder to attract on other social media platforms.

    Consequently, advertising on LinkedIn can be much more effective for B2B compared to other social media platforms.

    Business professionals on LinkedIn are in the 'buying mindset' and that is the biggest reason the platform is so effective.
  • 3. What about managing my LinkedIn pages?
    We can help here...

    Your personal LinkedIn profile acts like a virtual resume, and like a resume it becomes a marketing tool to give yourself the best chance possible of securing a new job. It’s no secret that recruiters regularly review profiles searching for their ideal candidates.

    What can be easy to forget is that a business’ LinkedIn profile works in much the same way. A LinkedIn profile for your business is an online resume that other companies and clients use to develop an opinion of your brand.>

    Let us ask you this – would you be more inclined to work with a business that regularly posts relevant information and news on LinkedIn with an up-to-date profile, or would you be satisfied with a business profile that looks like it was created when Myspace was the biggest player in social media?

    The bottom line is that giving your LinkedIn profile regular attention shows a level of professionalism and care that will give you an edge over your competitors.

    This is where the Digital Marketing Adelaide team can help. Our team of social media experts and copyrighters can help post and keep your brands updated on LinkedIn.

    Would you like to know more? Drop us a line to organise a meeting.
  • 1. How does LinkedIn Ads costs compare to Facebook?
    Not a bad question...

    Typically, advertising on LinkedIn does cost more per click compared to other social media advertising platforms. This said, there is less contact with tyre-kickers and the leads in most cases will be higher in quality and have greater intent to engage.

    With the above in mind, it's imperative that the campaigns & strategy are optimised to ensure a return on investment. And of course, this where our team are the experts.

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  • 2. What are the campaign options with LinkedIn Ads?
    • Website Conversions
    • Lead Generation
    • Sponsored InMail
    • Video Views
    • Engagement
    • Brand Awareness
    • Website Visits
    • Job Applicants
  • 3. I've heard that we can upload lists to Linkedin. Is this true?
    YES! Like most platforms, you can upload a data base into LinkedIn and then LinkedIn will find those people and you can advertise directly to them.

    You can also then find people who are similar to your database and advertise to them as well.

    Would you like to know more? Drop us a line to organise a meeting.

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