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Did you know 17 million Australians spend an average of 25 hours on YouTube each month with the average session time 54 minutes?

The main advantage of YouTube Ads is that you can utilise data from Google Search and other Google platforms to target audiences based on their preferences, interests, search intent, search history, income, and other factors.

At Digital Marketing Adelaide, we love YouTube ads. They're a cost effective solution for brand awareness and reaching new customers.

According to YouTube, full-screen, sound-on video viewing accounts for 95% of all video viewing time. So, when you advertise on YouTube, you are not just reaching a large audience but also a large audience that's also engaged. 

Our clients see phenomenal results with YouTube advertising and it's well worth adding it to your digital marketing mix.
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YouTube FAQ

YouTube FAQ

YouTube FAQ

  • 1. Are YouTube Ads worth it for my business/brand?
    Yes, YouTube advertising can increase your revenue by bringing in more leads, customers, and sales. With 30 million active users every day,

    YouTube marketing is an excellent approach to increase brand awareness and drive up sales. The investment will only be worthwhile, though, if you take the time to design a top-notch, precisely targeted campaign, as is the case with any digital advertising.
  • 2. How much do YouTube ads cost?
    Google Ads is the platform used for YouTube's paid advertising. The price of your YouTube ad so depends on your specific campaign, just like it does with all PPC advertising platforms. Despite this, YouTube does have a reasonably low cost per view, with an average of $0.10 to $0.30.

    But don't be fooled; if you want to get the most of YouTube advertising, you must have a sizable budget. Why? Because if you want to increase traffic and leads to your business, your marketing needs to be carefully created and properly targeted.

    Take the following data: If a video doesn't capture their attention inside the first 10 seconds, 20% of viewers will click away. So you can't just upload any video to YouTube; you need an advertisement campaign that will draw viewers in and encourage them to take action. 

    Want to learn more? Drop us a line and we can provide more information.
  • 3. How does one advertise on YouTube?
    When you work with Digital Marketing Adelaide, advertising on YouTube is easy.

    Your Google account will be used to construct a campaign as YouTube runs through Google Ads. We'll work with you in order to make sure that your campaign adheres to the proper criteria in line with your budget, your goals, and your target audience.

    There are six different types of YouTube ads (TrueView, non-skippable instream, bumper instream, sponsored card, overlay, and display), and by collaborating with us, we can help you choose the ones that are most appropriate for your business.

    Make contact us with to book in a free initial consultation with one of our Google Certified team members.
  • 1. I don't have video content...
    We've got that covered!

    We partner with local videographers and can put you in touch with our video friends. We love keeping work local and supporting local.
  • 2. Why Digital Marketing Adelaide for YouTube advertising?
    We're great at them and have seen some pretty awesome results. We've been doing them since 2006 and know what works, what doesn't.

    When you talk with us, we can show you some live campaigns and explain how it all works.
  • 3. Why do you "love" Youtube advertising?
    Due to the HUGE reach of this platform, YouTube advertising naturally brings advantages to your company.

    With 1.8 billion visitors per month, it is the second-most popular search engine behind Google and directly targets your clients depending on their searches.

    Additionally, it offers the possibility to target demographically in advance, and its user-friendly metrics let you keep track of exactly who you contact.

    This way, you can be sure that when you work with Digital Marketing Adelaide ,you are getting not just your money's worth but also a little more.

    Although your media spend will decide your reach, its ROI is great regardless of how much you spend. With YouTube, you pay per view, unlike most other platforms, but only if your viewer sticks around past the first 30 seconds of the ad. TrueView advertising is what it is. Partnering with a company like Digital Marketing Adelaide will ensure that more users interact with TrueViewing, increasing your return on investment.

    To learn more – book in for a free initial consultation with one of our Google certified team.

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We are a one stop shop digital agency helping businesses & brands GROW. We specialise in Social Media Advertising, Google Ads/PPC, SEO, Websites, Email Marketing & Training.

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