It’s true that getting the team at Digital Marketing Adelaide to take care of your social media management and advertising is the safest and most effective way for your business to grow online. However, we understand that sometimes it can be better to have someone in-house who knows your business back to front-running the show instead. If that sounds like you, then read on find out why our social media training might just be the perfect package….


Did you know that 47% of small business owners spent less than $10,000 on digital marketing in 2017.


And while the old adage that ‘you must spend money to make money’ is as true for digital marketing as it is for anything, often local businesses can’t afford to fork out ongoing costs for the best advertising services available. Sometimes compromises need to be made, and an ad hoc solution needs to be found.


If that sounds like you, we hear you.



At Digital Marketing Adelaide we believe that all local businesses should have the chance to grow their operations through digital marketing. The future of marketing is digital, and we would hate to see South Australian businesses shut up shop because they can’t afford to jump on board the ship before it sets sail.



That’s why we created a social media training course that provides awesome insights (if we may say so ourselves) for an affordable price.


Our social media training is a 4-hour intensive course – although we normally run longer to make sure you get full value – that will see us cover the entire process from start to finish on how you should be marketing your business online.




We’ll start with setting up your Facebook business pages and ad account and will then take you through topics such as how advertising works, ad creation, how to build audiences, optimisation, re-marketing, creating lookalike audiences, the importance of landing pages, Instagram, what to post, what not to post, reporting, audience insights and so much more.


We’ll also include helpful information on some free online tools available to assist with digital marketing on a budget.


And don’t worry, this isn’t some 30-person seminar we’re inviting you along to – we’re talking about a one-on-one session with our gurus that will enable us to tailor everything to your exact business needs.


You’ll be able to ask as many questions as you like and can direct the session as you see fit, depending on what you need to know for your business. You can even have up to 3 colleagues present for the session as well so that everyone can gain an understanding of how to do digital marketing.


In saying that, we understand that it would be near-on impossible to retain all the information we’ve learnt in our years of experience in marketing in just 4 hours – but don’t worry, the entire session will be recorded and will be yours to keep, forever.


Still need some icing on the cake?


We’ll even throw in our expert team’s assistance for the next 30 days following your training session. If you are have trouble with something that didn’t quite stick in your head on the day, our team is just a phone call away!


Psst, one more thing…

If you’ve read all the way down to here, then we’re betting that you’re passionate about doing what’s right by your business.


We appreciate that, and that’s why we want to give you a discount on our training sessions. They normally go for $1,500 + GST, but if you mention that you saw this paragraph on our site, we’ll give you a discount to $1,200 + GST!



Availability for our training sessions is typically very limited so drop us a line, send us an email, pop in and visit or fill the form in below… Our journey together begins with a simple “Hello”.


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