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Reach your audience where they are listening with Spotify Ads.

Spotify ads allows you to reach active listeners throughout the day on every device, in any setting. Since there are no other distractions, audio adverts are played in between songs, keeping listeners' attention on your business & brand.

Ads on Spotify are presented to an audience based on their listening preferences, making them more relevant, individualised, and likely to be remembered.

Advertising on Spotify is a fantastic substitute for radio advertising but can also accelerate radio results when working in collaboration.

Spotify ads have a distinct edge over those on other platforms since they can also reach users who have the service running in the background while performing other activities like working, cooking, or cleaning. With over 8 million Australians streaming on the platform there are huge opportunities.

We are one of Australia's top Spotify Ad agencies. As digital marketing specialists, we use every opportunity to outperform your competition, and Spotify Ads is another channel we're we've had excellent success.

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Spotify Ads FAQ

Spotify Ads FAQ

Spotify Ads FAQ

  • 1. Can I target a specific audience?
    Yes, this is why we love Spotify ads and why it's more powerful than radio.

    With Spotify Ads you can target an audience by:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Interests e.g. cooking, health & fitness etc.
    • podcasts
    • location

    You can even geo-target down to postcode level. Imagine you are local business. You could just serve ads to your local area. Local ads resonate with listeners and according to Spotify, Spotify ads have a higher ad recall rate over any other platform.

    You can even target by people’s mood. Are they happy, sad etc. Scary isn’t it – but powerful from an advertising perspective.

    Want to learn more, get in contact and chat with our chief strategist.
  • 2. How many times are my ads heard?
    With Spotify ads we can control the reach and frequency rate. You may want your ad heard 5 times a day to do a blitz. Or you may like to have your ads heard just twice day. We can control this and will advise as part of our strategy service the best options for your brand and promotion.
  • 3. How do I measure success?
    Spotify is a brand awareness play. And just like radio, television and other mass market platforms, the main metrics are impressions and reach. But the advantage Spotify has, it will tell you how many people have listened to a full 30 second ad. Called “full ad completes”.
  • 1. Can people skip my ads?
    One of the things we like about Spotify ads is that your audience must listen to your ad. You can’t skip ads on Spotify. (You get to skip once per session). This guarantees that people will hear all about your promotion and brand.
  • 2. Who creates the Spotify ad?
    Ads on Spotify must be 30 seconds in length. If you have a radio ad already created, we can use that. We just need it in an MP3 format.

    If you need assistance with ad creation, we can help you with that as well. We partner with top voice over artists around Australia who will create an ad for you.

    We will assist with your script, or we can develop the messaging for you. Adding a soundtrack is very important to make sure your ad stands out from the crowd.

    Our production team will take care of every step of the way to save you time and ensure the best outcome.
  • 3. How much do Spotify Ads cost?
    Every campaign, promotion is different. It also depends on who else is advertising at the same time.

    But recently, we’ve been able to get costs down to $0.027 per full 30 second listen. To put that in perspective, for a $1,000 you’ll have between 36k – 37k full 30 second ad listens. Spending $2,500 will guarantee you that your ad will have been heard for a full 30 seconds 92k-93k times.

    Amazing value!

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