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Quadruple your leads & sales with a high converting landing page .

When directing traffic via Google ads or Social media ads, we've found in 95% of cases, a dedicated conversion/landing page will always increase the number of conversions.

A dedicated landing page has one job to do – get conversions! Whilst a regular website delivers content, landing pages or as we call them “conversion pages” are all about getting as many conversions as possible.

After clicking on your social media ad or Google ad, visitors "land" on your landing page. The ROI of your digital marketing activities is determined by the conversion rate on this page.

Not only this, because the landing page is specific to a certain keyword, your Google quality score increases which in turn decreases your cost per click, maximising your ROI.

Every time we have split tested landing pages vis-à-vis a webpage, the landing page outperforms the website with regards to conversions.

We at Digital Marketing Adelaide highly recommend the use of landing pages when you are running ads.

If you’d like to see examples, give us a call and we’ll talk you through how it works.

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Landing Pages FAQ

  • 1. What is landing page?
    A web page made especially for a digital marketing campaign is known as a landing page. Or as we call them - "conversions pages".

    Your visitors will be directed to a specific objective by a customised landing page.

    Do you want your website visitors to buy from you? The transition from the ads to the website must be smooth. You'll lose visitors if your ad makes a specific benefit promise but "landing" on a generic website instead.

    A landing page is customised for the visitors who have clicked on your ads. It speaks directly to their needs and directs them towards conversion.

  • 2. What makes a good landing page?
    The most effective landing pages are easy to navigate and stunning to engage with. To encourage conversions, your landing page should adhere to best-practice design guidelines.

    Use elements that command attention from viewers. Have high-resolution photos, mild movement, and faces. Get to the point quickly. Visitors to your website will only stay as long as it is beneficial to them.

    Your landing page for ads should be appealing to your target audience!

    If you are interested to Improve the conversion rate and return on investment of your marketing initiatives by optimising your landing page, make contact with us and we’ll show you some real world examples.
  • 3. Can you split test landing pages?
    YES! Of course.

    One of the best things about our landing pages is that we can do variable testing. (A/B testing)

    We can create multiple pages with small differences. e.g. title changes, different colour schemes, various images.

    We can send website visitors to multiple versions and see which pages receives better conversions. This helps us increase conversions and ROI over time without the expense of building new web pages on your website.

    We'd love to show you real world examples of how this works. Organise a strategy meeting with one of our team to learn more.
  • 1. Tell me more about landing page testing
    To make your landing page as successful as possible at generating sales, testing is essential. the better your landing page, the more leads/conversions it'll drive. To get there, you must test.

    Testing the effectiveness of different elements of a landing page's design is known as landing page testing or A/B Testing. To determine which landing page design results in the most conversions for you, you'll need data analysis experts working on the campaign. This is where we can help. We have 2 x business/data specialists working on our team.

    You can generate more revenue without investing anything if you can increase your landing page's conversion rate. And this is where Digital Marketing Adelaide can help.
    Home pages and landing pages are designed for various users and objectives.

    A home page serves as a starting point for service exploration and research. It provides a broad overview.

    A landing pages is where people land after clicking on an ad. The messaging is targeted at converting viewers rather than providing information.

    For your website visitors, a high-converting landing page provides a personalised experience. The success of your digital marketing depends on creating landing pages that inspire visitors to convert.
    A landing page is created with only one objective in mind: to convert ad clickers into paying clients. So we would highly recommend the investment to test if it brings a better ROI than your website. But of course, it is optional.

    Your landing page is your best chance to persuade visitors to subscribe or make a purchase. The majority of the pages on your website go into great detail about your products and services. They might feature a lot of links or Calls to Action (CTAs) for you to click.

    A landing page is organised and specifically designed for users who have clicked on your digital marketing ads. Its sole focus is increasing the conversion rates of your ad initiatives and keeping your cost per click (CPC) down.

    To learn more – book in for a free initial consultation with one of our team.

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We are a one stop shop digital agency helping businesses & brands GROW. We specialise in Social Media Advertising, Google Ads/PPC, SEO, Websites, Email Marketing & Training.

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