With approximately 85% of Australians having internet access and with eCommerce sales up by around AU$30b in 2017 alone, having a website in Australia is as important as having an ABN.


If you haven’t got a website, chances are you’re not reaching your full potential. It doesn’t take a marketing degree to know that a business website shows a level of professionalism and authority that you simply cannot attain without one.


The good news is that the days where you need to spend a truckload of money to get a website that is both stunning and functional are long gone.

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When it comes to making a website, first impressions are everything – and users aren’t patient. A site that takes too long to load, or a site that isn’t immediately clear to the user will find that it’s losing your potential customers before you even get a chance to show them why you’re the best in the biz!


When we manage your site, we’ll take great care in improving metrics such as bounce rates, dwell rates and loading times – metrics that add real value to your business.


While it’s certainly possible to go into website builders like WordPress or Wix to try and build a site for your business yourself, the reality is that this can get tiresome pretty fast. Getting a site to work fluently in the first place can be a mission for many website builders, let alone putting in the time and effort to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms.


That’s why enlisting the help of the specialised team at Digital Marketing Adelaide is the best option for Adelaide business owners. Enrolling our professional team to design and conceptualise your ideas has a two-fold effect – it allows you to continue working on the things you WANT to be working on while getting the experts to put your vision online for everyone to see.


At Digital Marketing Adelaide, we specialise in designing clear and coherent websites that live and breathe the personality of your business. A website that reads like a 19th century textbook isn’t helping customers, and it certainly isn’t helping you GET more customers. We’ll consult with you every step of the way on what you know about your target audience and how that might translate into a more effective and streamlined website.

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Where we differ from our competitors is in our extra attention to detail. We regularly run through every page with a fine-tooth comb to make sure every aspect of the site is still fully functioning and serving its purpose to the visitor. Bounce and dwell rates are great indicators of how well a page is performing, and we use these metrics among others to constantly improve your site.

We also take great care when it comes to mobile. Mobile has become the way most Australians browse the internet, with more than 60% of all internet searches in Australia now being made on mobile. We understand the impact of trends like this and we’ll always ensure that your site is user-friendly across all devices.


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