Missing Emails! When did you last check your spam folder? (2 minute Read)

Missing Emails! When did you last check your spam folder? (2 minute Read)

This may sound like a very counter intuitive question, however as the war on spam rages on, there is a chance some of your potential new clients end up in that dreaded folder!


As much as spam folders are helping us filter out all the garbage and irrelevant emails, sometimes it’s just not safe to assume that it will work perfectly without any flaws.

Email service providers and their spam filters are generally pretty good, but occasionally they can send those precious legitimate emails to the junk folder.

In my personal experience I have found emails from advertisers, readers and WordPress hidden in the spam folder. But why do they fall in there occasionally? I think the URL and the contents play a very big role.

It is a good idea to check your spam folder regularly, as after 30 days, most email providers will automatically delete emails. If you miss these emails, you could be throwing away potential clients and potential revenue. Wouldn’t that be a shame!?


So, what can you do to prevent such a simple yet troublesome problem?


  • Make sure your SPAM folder isn’t hidden.
  • Regularly check your SPAM folder
  • Mark any legitimate emails as not spam
  • Look at an SMTP plugin for WordPress


Checking through the spam folder doesn’t mean you go on and read each and every single spam mail. Quickly browsing through the titles will do the job. It doesn’t cost much time, so its better be safe than sorry.

As spam becomes worse than ever, spam filters will continue to evolve and protect our precious inbox from those spam invaders, however every once in awhile a legitimate email may end up with the other suckers.

When was the last time you checked your Spam folder?