Is The Summit Worth The Climb? The Hmm-alayan Mountain Of E-commerce

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Is The Summit Worth The Climb? The Hmm-alayan Mountain Of E-commerce

You’ve definitely heard this phrase or similar:

“Anything worth having doesn’t come easy”

So why does it seem like it’s so easy for everyone else? Every second you see a youtuber making millions for eating paste in front of a webcam, or some TikTok entrepreneur selling a lazy google search of information to a huge audience.

The answer is survivorship bias. It’s not easy out there. For everyone that makes it there’s a thousand wannabes who doubted their own craft (glue) and quit. What these successful influencers project is the summit of the mountain, after a gruelling two-month climb (yes that’s how long it actually takes to climb Everest). It sounds like too brutal a slog, but I promise you the view is worth it.

The tone of this post is realism. Starting a business online is beginning that huge, longer than you think, climb. The beginning of the climb is a steep learning curve, and the only motivation you will find is from the limited progress you make

Nothing in online selling happens fast, there’s a name for people who treat e-commerce as a get rich scheme. Green Boots. Use them as a checkpoint and don’t let their failure discourage you, staying in the game increases your odds of the Valhalla above the clouds.


A grim, but motivational display



Don’t marry a product or brand. Sometimes the path you take leads to a crevice, you can’t spend the energy crossing these, learn from it, circle back and move on.

Any Sherpa will tell you of “cashflow”, it is the biggest chokepoint of any climb.


The climb is often lonely, if you can’t commit a huge amount of time to your business alone you might not make it

You will be constantly under threat, There are so many macro factors and environmental conditions out of your control, and each of them can be deadly to your progress. This is why you must be conservative, as overreaching may leave you exposed.


When, if, you survive all this, you will be rewarded like no other.

You will literally be on top of the world, while everyone else peaked early, you’re peak is stretching out in front of you.


“Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination To Succeed Is Strong Enough.” – Og Mandino


The freedom that comes with working for yourself in ecommerce is envied by all. It is a different dimension of happiness that only the hardest working magnates and most bibulous clubbers can achieve. Business as usual and daily work life are within your control, and you interact with as many people as you choose to. The speed with which you gain money to better your life is insane, and only improves as you get more feedback and streamline. Finally, as income becomes passive – your time becomes yours again, as being away from a workplace or computer still grants you inflows of cash.

Not to mention, your success in scaling a mountain, is well, scalable! Refining your process, having built the foundation, and have proven your experience, climbing another mountain won’t feel like such a mountain to climb, guaranteeing a better life and better future.

I’ll leave you with a TLDR


If the cold doesn’t kill you, the exhaustion might.
If the exhaustion don’t kill you, pitfalls might.
If pitfalls don’t kill you, starvation might.
If starvation doesn’t kill you, the animals you find might.
If the animals you find don’t kill you, you loneliness might.
If the loneliness doesn’t kill you after all of that, then you’ve learned to survive.