The Use Of Images On Facebook (5 minute Read)

The Use Of Images On Facebook (5 minute Read)

Using Images on Facebook Adverts…


When creating a Facebook advert there is a wide variety of media you can use to promote your product, from video, carousel, slideshow, the list goes on … but the most simple and often most effective option is the good old image ad.

Whatever your goal, a beautiful image on Facebook or Instagram is a great way to increase awareness of your product, who you are and what you do best.

In the following article,  I’ll go through some helpful tips that I have learnt along the way when setting up an ideal image ad.


Why is an Image ad a good option?


Superfast Advert creation

Need an ad in a hurry? BOOM select your best image and upload, refine your copy, audience and you can have an advert up and running in under 10 minutes … Try making a VIDEO in that time.

It works

In a Facebook study, a series of photo-only ads outperformed other ad formats in driving unique traffic.

Laser Focus

A great image of your product or service doing what it does best can convey your message without your target audience needing to read a thing.


Best practice


Show your product in ACTION.

Remember Facebook is social media and we socialise (mostly) with people. Seems obvious, so show your product with a happy person benefiting from your product or service. ?

The 20% text rule.

Facebook does not like text all over your image, it could be a matter of opinion but regardless of what you think, Facebook will prevent your ad from running if you have too much text on your image. So keep it simple, here’s a handy link to a Facebook Image Check Tool.

A single focal point.

A wise man once said “If I throw one ball at you, you will most likely catch it, if I throw ten balls at you …” I think you know the rest. The same counts for advertising, don’t have too much going on in your image.

On brand.

Ensure your images are consistent with any other branding you use throughout your website, print and other advertising outlets. This makes it easy for your audience to recognise your adverts and keeps it looking professional.

Use high-resolution images.

Don’t diminish your brand with low-res images, always ensure you are using quality images that are going to promote your products in a good light. Click here to view Facebooks Ads Guide.

Keep testing and experimenting with visuals.

The best thing about Facebook adverts is the ability to test which image is working the best with your audience. Try a few different versions / sizes to see and importantly, make sure you preview your advert before going live.


There you have it, images still one of the most POWERFUL ways to promote your wares in the advertising world. I hope a few of these tips and tricks help you out, comment below with any other helpful tips you may have for using images on Facebook Ads.




Simon Miles is head of digital strategy and operations at Digital Marketing Adelaide. He leads our studio design & creative team. Simon is a marketer with a passion for creating beautiful and effective advertising but he’d probably rather be on the golf course.