How to Gain Instagram Followers in 2018

How to Gain Instagram Followers in 2018

Getting a good following on social media can open all kinds of doors. It can help you to sell products, spread a message, or even become an Instagram celebrity. But, how do you gain Instagram followers in the first place? Here are some tips you’ll need going into 2018.

It’s all about content

First of all, know that people aren’t going to stick around and follow you if your content is poor. You need to have great, eye-catching photographs or graphic designs every time you post. You might be able to cheat your way to getting a lot of followers, but they’ll either leave quickly or count for nothing if your poor posts get you shuffled down in the algorithm. On the other hand, create interesting and high-quality content with good captions, and you will have a chance to see your post appearing to other users as a recommended account.

Follow for follow

Ever since Instagram’s inception, it’s been known that you could gain Instagram followers through simply following other people. They then follow you back, meaning that your account grows. However, there have been a lot of abuses of this practice, which means that in 2018, you have to be very careful to avoid a ban.

The best way to stay under the radar is to follow no more than 25 people within a five-minute period. You shouldn’t follow more than 100 people a day. Keep your unfollowing to the same rules and be sure to leave accounts in your followed list for at least a few days before you delete them in case they haven’t seen your notification yet. Check your follows, too – Instagram may quietly block you from following without telling you. When you think you’re following new accounts, they may not actually show up in your follow list.

Be active in the community

The Instagram community is all about sharing support. That means being active on other peoples’ posts too. Become an active member of your particular community – comment on, like, and follow accounts that are in the same niche as yours. Rather than feeling like they are rivals, treat them as equals. Collaborations, such as going live together, can help to share fans so you grow your Instagram following at the same time as others do.

The more active you are, the more people are likely to notice and follow you. Again, don’t overdo it – there is a limit to how much you can comment and like per day. Duplicate comments will be deleted and you’ll get marked as spam if your comments aren’t relevant. Try to be real and relevant.

Use all tools

Getting followers on Instagram is also usually reliant on using all of the tools available to you. Set your page as a business profile so you can view all of your stats – you have to link it to a Facebook page to do this, but you can also keep the Facebook page private. Check where your post likers are coming from and whether they choose to follow you after seeing your posts. Go live once in a while, add to your story, and select highlights for your profile. Post videos, pictures, and also multiple-picture posts. Do a variety of things, always focusing on quality.

A lot of work will go into gaining a real Instagram following in 2018. It’s very hard to cheat your way there and it requires daily diligence with your account. If you use bots or programs to artificially inflate your likes, comments, and follows, it will become obvious and you may face a ban. Don’t let this happen.



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