Your Email List is a Gold Mine of Opportunity (6 Minute Read)

Your Email List is a Gold Mine of Opportunity (6 Minute Read)

The marketing landscape is an incredibly agile industry with social media, SEO and Google Ads starting to play a bigger role in chewing up advertising budgets. And yet despite this, email advertising has managed to hang around longer than your high school prom photos – and it hasn’t aged anywhere near as badly.

The fact is, email lists are as powerful now as they’ve ever been.


Because email has grown up with the internet – not adjusted to it – and as a result, it integrates well with its younger, faster-growing siblings.

One of the best examples of how email has learnt to integrate is through Facebook.


Did you know that you can use your comprehensive email lists to advertise on Facebook? Whether you have a 200-strong list of past customers or a 500-line list of prospective clients, chances are your email list is a gold mine of opportunity waiting to be utilised by Facebook advertising.

Working with Digital Marketing Adelaide, we can match the emails in your database to the Facebook accounts associated with those emails. Bottom line – ads delivered directly to people who you know are interested in what your business has to sell.

Just to sweeten the deal as well, every email is hashed before it’s uploaded into Facebook’s servers. This means that even if Facebook was attacked or suffered some sort of data leak, there’s no way the email addresses of your clients would be compromised. Security – check.

Advertising on Facebook with email lists doesn’t end there either. Only want to advertise to people who aren’t on your email list? We can specifically exclude sections of your database – such as past buyers or cold leads. No more spending money on customers who aren’t going to return the favour.

Now if you’ve been reading along closely I can only assume you must be frothing at the mouth by now. But let’s say you’ve jumped on board, ran your email list through Facebook – picking up a bunch of new sales along the way – and now you feel like you’ve chewed through your leads quicker than a kid in a candy store.

Are you done? Do you finish wiping the virtual dust off your email list before putting it back away in the folder of monthly newsletters?

Absolutely not.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to your new best friend – lookalike audiences.

A lookalike audience takes the effectiveness of your email list in converting sales and scales it to bring in ten times the conversions.

“But how on earth does it work?”, I hear you ask in unison, starry-eyed and full of wonder.

Well kids, suck up that drool, take your finger out of your nose and listen close, I’m only going to say this once…


A lookalike audience analyses your database and finds the 1% of Australia that is most similar to the people already in your database.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but let’s unpack how these lookalike audiences work so we can start to understand how they add value to your advertising.


When Facebook matches the emails in your database to the relevant user profiles, it starts to create an image of common demographics and interests that the people in your database share with one another.

By the time it’s done matching and analysing the profiles, Facebook has a pretty good indication as to what kind of people you’re trying to target with your ads.

Facebook then extrapolates this information to find other people who match the demographics and interests of those in your email list.

This saves the guesswork that often sneaks its way into advertising when you’re trying to guess what your target demographic are interested in.


And at Digital Marketing Adelaide, we’re all for strategies that take the guesswork out of advertising.


If you’d like to know more about lookalike audiences (including how they link with Facebook Pixels and Facebook pages themselves!) or if you think you’re ready to start tapping into the power of email lists today, then give us a call on 8121 5844 or send us a message on this funny little site called Facebook.



Patrick Black is a marketer with a passion for learning how businesses can improve their advertising through science-backed principles. He enjoys writing about marketing much more than he likes to write about himself.