5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing Right Now

5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing Right Now

If your business didn’t have a digital strategy implemented two weeks ago, there’s a good chance you need it now more than ever…


There’s no denying it, we are currently amidst the global pandemic of COVID-19. It is not only impacting small businesses around Australia, but face-to-face businesses are also taking a hit. So, in a new world of social distancingself-isolation, and quarantine, right now could be the perfect time to take advantage of Digital Marketing, to not only keep your head above the water, but establish your crucial online presence for the long run. Here’s why:  


1. Goodbye hand shaking, hello online 

If you’re looking for a good old hand shake, you won’t find it in 2020. In the next couple of weeks, or even months, your clients won’t be interested in leaving the house, let alone head to a meeting or meet face to faceThis is where digital marketing, and your online presencewill be essential to keep your business active. Scott Jones, CEO of 123 Internet Group, told Forbes that with the increase of remote working and collaborative approaches, more and more companies are updating websites, launching new e-commerce channels and focusing on using SEO to reach new audiences. If your audience is working from home, your marketing needs to be at their fingertips – online. 


hand shake in times of Covid-19


2. We have a lot more time on our hands 

recent survey revealed 88 per cent of Australian organisations have encouraged or required employees to work from home. As for the other 12 per cent, chances are they are confined to their office with no events, or meetings to attend. While this may sound doom and gloom, this is good news for businesses looking to implement digital marketing, as marketers have even more time to develop digital strategies for your business, which in turn means more time spent making sure your online marketing is reaching the right people. 


3. Digital Marketing is more targeted 

As previously stated, 88 per cent of Australians have been encouraged to work from home, which means your traditional marketing methods addressing Covid-19 probably aren’t reaching the demographic you were hoping it would.

If you want your campaign to target an audience of 18-25 year old women who are interested in online shopping, chances are traditional marketing methods aren’t going to reach the women online shopping in between working from home. If you want people affected by Covid-19 to know you are weathering the storm, and stepping into the world of digital, developing an online presence is a must. 


Online shopping


4. Marketing on a budget 

Today, more businesses are struggling financially than ever before. It is predicted the sudden stop in spending could affect the global economy more than the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks.

While traditional marketing can still be effective, it is also extremely costly. This is where digital marketing comes in. Not only is the cost of ads less than traditional marketing, but digital marketing allows you to continuously evaluate and measure the ROI from your campaigns to re-work strategies. 


5. It’s 2020, the world is online 

We really don’t know how long this will last, but whether Covid-19 came along or not, digital marketing is essential to any business. Your customers are online, your competitors are online, your target audience is online. When the world slows down and everything goes back to normal, what could be considered an ‘emergency fill-in’, will serve as a long-term successful investment for you and your business.  


Final Word:

In the last 2 weeks – there has been a 20% + increased in social media use – this is where your customers are hanging out. This is your opportunity to keep your brand front of mind – even if your business is in temporary hibernation. It’s also an opportunity to reach people that wouldn’t normally engage with your brand.

Impression rates are rather high right now, bid prices are low – meaning it is cheaper now to advertise on social media than ever before.

So get your brand out there – do it now while everyone is going online.

And if you need a hand – the team at Digital Marketing Adelaide are here to help. We can develop & implement full digital marketing strategies straight away for you or if you need something lighter, we’re offering  90 minutes 1 on 1 training sessions via ZOOM to teach you how best to use social media. So make contact with us if you need a hand.

And lastly – stay safe, look after yourself and family.