2 Big Trends To Watch Out for in 2019 (5 Minute Read)

2 Big Trends To Watch Out for in 2019 (5 Minute Read)

We’re now well and truly into the latter stages of the 21st century’s second decade, and while we might not have flying cars or hovering skateboards yet, the last few years of advancement have seen technology go further than ever previously thought possible.

We look at our watches to check our phones, we check our phones to know the time, we use our laptops to draw and our televisions to search the internet – oh, and we’ve started talking to household objects to get them to do their job.

To anyone from the 20th century, all of this would sound like nonsense. To most of us, we still can’t really believe that it makes sense!

Technology has pervaded through every facet of our lives – particularly so in the last 10 years. And it certainly doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon.

2019 looks to be another big year for tech advancements, whether it be in gene-editing, voice command or digital marketing (you know, the major industry that exists entirely on the back of all those crazy inventions thought up in the last 10 years).

So, it’s worth taking a look at what major trends are going to be big players in the 2019 digital landscape…


Voice Command

The days of laughing at Siri’s feeble attempts to understand human language (let alone an Australian accent) are long gone. Now, you can be on the other side of the room talking to your phone and chances are Siri’s going to know what you need a hand with. And with the rise of Amazon Alexa and Google Home, voice command is set to become even more of a driving force in 2019.

The biggest drawcard to voice command is how well it slots into the imagination. It’s easy to see how an accurate and easy-to-use voice-command assistant would be extremely useful when it comes to looking up information, calling friends (or the local pizza joint), ordering an Uber, or playing your favourite songs. The possibilities are endless, and those possibilities are just now starting to become
feasible. Now’s the time to make the most of voice command while it’s still exiting its infancy phase.


So how can you take advantage of voice command’s growth in 2019?

Primarily by keeping its growing presence in mind when creating new campaigns. We always need to be thinking about how our customers are finding us online, and if voice command proves to be a big player in the digital landscape then it will be important to tailor SEO keywords around this change. People speak differently to how they type, and keywords are likely to change as voice searches become more prominent.

On top of this, simplifying your business’ online presence will make it easier for assistants like Siri and Cortana to find the right information to regurgitate back to the user on the other end.

Not only do we need to start optimising for how customers speak but we also need to start optimising for how assistants search.

The businesses that can make the most of this growing technology will be the ones who enjoy steady growth in web traffic as more consumers start to use voice-assisted commands.



Influencers made their stand in 2018 and showed that they’re going to become a more prominent force in the digital landscape than ever before.

Up until now, marketers around the globe have been slow on the uptake of influencers, perhaps because of a perceived lack of security. But the marketing world has now yawned, stretched and scratched its eyes, and it’s getting ready to dive headfirst into influencer marketing.

New online middle-men businesses are popping up everywhere, providing anything from simple networking between firms and influencers through to entire catalogues of available influencers with attached bios, photos and even rating systems.

And while influencers are exciting at a micro level, it’s on a macro level where we can see what the influencer trend tells us about marketing in the 21st century. People have wisened up to old marketing tactics and are more sceptical than ever before. Celebrities don’t have the same level of influence that they once enjoyed (just take a look at what happened in the US election of Donald Trump for proof of that) and the traditional ‘hard-sell’ often comes across as being tacky and deceitful – particularly in Australia.

Influencers are a natural response to all of this, they provide a means of communicating a product to consumers through someone they feel like they know personally. People trust the influencers they follow, and they trust that those influencers won’t advertise a product that they don’t personally believe in.

So how can we take advantage of this growing trend?

By thinking long-term.

Research is starting to show that there is value in investing in influencers, but there is much more value in investing in the same influencers consistently. By developing a relationship with influencers, the product advertisements appear more genuine over time and the influencer may even grow to become a brand ambassador for your product. A one-off association between influencer and product won’t yield results as well as an ongoing relationship, no matter the medium.


So there you have it, the two big trends to watch out for in 2019. How will you use them to give your business a competitive edge?


Patrick Black is a marketer with a passion for learning how businesses can improve their advertising through science-backed principles. He enjoys writing about marketing much more than he likes to write about himself.