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Outsource your social media to the experts.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Business Profile, Pinterest and blogging. To free you up to concentrate on what you do best, we offer full management of all your social media accounts.

Social media is so important in today’s age, especially as over 80% of Australians use social media on a regular basis.

The necessity for high-quality social media management is growing as more and more customers seek out businesses and brands online. Many businesses lack the time and knowledge necessary to maintain active social media presences, which hinders their ability to market their products and services.

This is where Digital Marketing Adelaide can help. We will manage your social media platforms on your behalf and build your community. Yes, that’s right, we'll handle it for you. We'll post frequently on your behalf so you can concentrate on what matters. your business.

Give us a call to learn more how we can accelerate your social media presence.

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  • 1. How does it work?
    Following a meeting to establish your goals, target demographic and tone of voice, and to learn & understand more about your business – our team will begin developing a social media marketing strategy. Once approved, we’ll implement it, posting to all your social media platforms on your behalf.

    You can choose just 14 posts per month, or every day if you like. Every client is different and has different goals.

    Our aim is to think outside the square and translate your social media marketing into significant growth and Return On Investment for your business, whilst building greater levels of awareness and customer engagement.

    We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes and we are happy to assist you to strategise and implement effective social media marketing programs from end to end or work with you to improve your current business/marketing strategy.

    Drop us a line, send us an email, pop in and visit or complete our contact form…Our journey together begins with a simple “Hello”.
  • 2. Why use Digital Marketing Adelaide for my social media management?
    In a nutshell, we’re pretty good at it. The team Digital Marketing Adelaide live and breathe social media and are considered in Adelaide to be the social media gurus. This is validated by the requests we receive to speak at events & conferences plus we’re often asked to comment on social media topics for media & news outlets across the nation.

    Secondly, we’re a Meta PRO Agency Partner and have our Facebook Blueprint Certification which recognises the advance level of proficiency with Facebook’s family of products and services.

    Thirdly, we’ve been doing social media since 2016 and have worked with both small and large social media accounts. We understand what works, what doesn’t, what the latest trends are and are abreast of the hundreds of changes on each platform each year.

    And lastly, we’re a multi-generational team. Need to connect with Boomers or Generation Xers? Or what about millennials, Gen Z, Gen Y? Each demographic needs a different tone of voice. Some like emojis, others don’t. Some like lots of text, others want the messaging to be sharp and short. Our social media team are spread across the generations giving us the edge…or most importantly, giving you the edge.

    Want to know more? Book in for a free initial consultation.
  • 3. Can I see my posts before they go live?
    Absolutely! We'll work with you how you want us to work with you. Some clients are happy for us to take full control and let us go and do what we do best.

    Other clients, prefer to approve every post before they go live.

    And other clients like to receive a full month content calendar outlining the proposed posts a month in advance.

    All options are available. Drop us a line to find out more about all the options.  
  • 4. What social media platforms do you focus on?
    We have experience with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & Google Business Profiles (Formerly Google My Business).
  • 1. Do you provide reporting?
    Yes! We can provide comprehensive monthly reporting. Our reports tell us your engagement rates, what time of the day is best for posting for your audience, what were the best received posts last month, increase or decrease in engagement etc. In fact, our reports can be tailored and provide only the information you need to know.

    Want to view a sample report? Drop us a line and let's chat.
  • 2. Do you reply to comments and engage with my followers?
    The short answer is YES. Our mandate will always be to increase engagement with your brand. The quickest and easiest way to improve engagement is to LIKE or COMMENT to people who engage with your brand. We also invite people to follow your pages. This is called COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT.

    When we begin working with you, we better understand your tone of voice and discuss how we would respond to certain events. If there happens to be a curly comment that we're not sure about, we'll revert back to you to decide the best response.

    Every client we work with is different and has different needs.

    Call us to see how we can help with your social media management.    
  • 3. What about #hashtags?
    With all our clients, we do hashtag research for Instagram and will develop a list of hashtags that we use on a regular basis. Not all hashtags are equal and we'll use Instagram's best practice when it comes to the use of hashtags to help grow your brand. No one likes to be shadowbanned?

  • 4. What about images?
    The more images you can provide to our team, the better the authenticity of your profiles.

    Most clients share a Dropbox file, OneDrive or Google Drive and sometimes a USB.

    If you don't have many images, we can use images from our own stock library or we can also help you with photography and videography.

    Give us a call to learn more about what we need for you to get started.

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We are a one stop shop digital agency helping businesses & brands GROW. We specialise in Social Media Advertising, Google Ads/PPC, SEO, Websites, Email Marketing & Training.

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