Video is NOT King (2 Minute Read)

Video is NOT King (2 Minute Read)


Well, that’s what we’re kept being told by countless blogs, by Facebook themselves and YouTube.

Our experience is different. You see, Link Click Through Rates (CTR’s) drop significantly when using video compared to static images. We’ve spent thousands of dollars split testing, and despite all the hype – video does JUST NOT WORK when the objective is to send people to a website.

So if you’ve been running campaigns with an objective of taking people to a landing page or website, then you’re doing it all wrong. Stats and results don’t lie. So why is Video, king? Here’s the important bit – if the objective is BRAND AWARENESS, then video, is king. But just don’t expect people to click the CALL TO ACTION. And the more engaging the video, the fewer people will click on the CALL TO ACTION.

You see people get caught up engaging with the video, sharing it, liking it, watching it again and again. The CALL TO ACTION gets lost. People just don’t see it. Engagement can be high, hence video is great for engagement and brand awareness, but just don’t use it if you want people to follow a CALL TO ACTION. Anyone else agrees/disagree? Feel free to connect up to chat about it in more detail…


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Matt is an internet entrepreneur, social media expert, multiple business owner and digital marketer who specialises in assisting businesses to generate more revenue via the power of online advertising and digital marketing. Matt regularly speaks at events as a keynote speaker focusing on digital marketing & social media.

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