The Secrets Of A Facebook Re-Marketing Campaign – (2 min read)

The Secrets Of A Facebook Re-Marketing Campaign – (2 min read)

Ever wondered why products you have been looking at online, end up following you around everywhere? Then they keep re-appearing every time you open an app or Google Search!

This article is about to explain exactly how that happens. It will explain how and why marketers use it for clients to ensure a successful digital marketing campaign. The benefits for businesses using a Re-Marketing Facebook Advertising campaign are huge!

Facebook Re-Marketing Pixels

Almost every time you visit a website, a pixel is planted (by us, the digital marketers ?) from that website onto your device. This pixel flags you as a potential customer. When you re-open your device to search the web again, the products start popping up! These pop ups lure and encourage you re-visit that website sooner or later. And you can guess what happens after days of seeing that same product?… eventually make a purchase!

Mere Exposure Effect

This is actually called the MEE effect…..Mere Exposure Effect. ™ The mere-exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them. In social psychology, this effect is sometimes called the familiarity principle.

Facebook re-targeting

Secondly, did you know that on average, Australians look at their phones 85 – 130 times a day?… (according to a recent study by Dr Andrew Campbell, an expert in cyber-psychology from the Faculty of Health Sciences at University of Sydney )..imagine how many times that product will be seen by you in a week! So many times in fact, that eventually, you will be ‘brainwashed’ into making a purchase (just joking, not really brainwashed, but something like it!)

Facebook re-marketing(This is actually a screenshot of my personal mobile…would you believe it, I bought the Chanel perfume and the silver bangle! ?)

Where to from here?

Here at Digital Marketing Adelaide, we specialise in Facebook re-marketing campaigns and almost always suggest that out clients include it in their Facebook Advertising strategy. So, you can clearly see why a re-marketing campaign is so important to businesses who need to drive customers back to their website so they can spend all their hard earned cash! ?

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Secrets Out!