Instagram Introduces a Full-Screen Home Feed Layout

Instagram Introduces a Full-Screen Home Feed Layout

The social media platform with the most surprises.

Instagram has had a history of updating and changing its features and layout without any warning from IG HQ. From the overly saturated filtered pictures, infamous boomerangs (which are apparently now outdated) and introduction to stories and reels, the social media app never ceases to miss or amaze its fellow users.


A new update which is still in its testing phase is the main home feed set up and layout on an individual’s phone. Similar to Tiktok, the gurus at Instagram have changed the layout to be full screen aiming to give a more ‘instantly, immersive experience’.


Photos and videos are now set to take up a larger part of the space on the screen and become more apart of the feed with a taller format. As previously mentioned by Instagram, its goal to align its content feed around reels given the favoured response of the format through competitor Tiktok has been met with this new proposed update.


Meta also mentioned that reels are contributing heavily to the time users spend on Instagram with it already making up to more than 20% since being introduced in 2020. Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, has stated that videos of all kinds make up to 50% of time users spend on the social media platform.


Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri explains that you are still able to use the bottom navigation bar to get to the discovery tab, reels, shopping and individual user profile. All icons to check your notifications, switch accounts, create posts and browse messages remain in the top right bar as well.


Along with the controversial feed change, Instagram has also made other changes that may be more subjectively minor (or less noticed) in comparison to the layout update:
> Instagram’s Visual Refresh
> Advancing Accessibility on Instagram
> Expanding Product Tagging in Feed to Everyone
> Controlling your Instagram Feed with Favourites and Following


With the digital marketing world constantly evolving and people checking their phones more consistently, social media hubs such as Instagram must stay updated and in front to remain relevant. Instagram has made many updates and changes in the last few months and this feed layout is just one of many to supposedly come.